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Quick, hide, here comes Eric again.

If you have ever been involved in an MLM or network marketing program that is probably something you have heard before. (Actually you probably didn’t actually hear it, it was what everyone was saying behind your back)  Everytime your came around people were afraid you were going to pitch them on your business.  I know I used to get sick when I heard someone talk about “how fortunate they were to be in their company and how it was changing their life”.  You were part of the N.F.L. (No Friends Left) and you didn’t even know it.

One of the biggest frustrations of having a home business is the feeling of having no support from your friends and family.  No body wants to hear about your “pyramid scheme” of the week.  “Give it up, no body makes money with that!” is probably something you are familiar with.  I don’t talk to my family about it either amymore.  But theres are reason for that.

If you are running your business correctly you shouldn’t have to talk to your family and friends about your business.  The days of “make a list of everyone you know” is OVER.  That was a bad strategy even when it sort of work.  if you set things up correctly you shouldn’t have to talk to the people you know, or Anyone for that matter, until they contact you.  This concept is called Attraction Marketing.

To be truely successful in a networking venture you have to become the person that people want to go to for the answers.  You have to set yourself up as someone who is willing to share their experience with others whether they are a part of your team or not.  Remeber the fastest way to get what yo want is to help others get what you want.  Then the properity will flow.  Remember my previous post that it can’t be about the money.

We will talk about this concept in later posts (I am in the process of designing a whole new site around this concept http://www.surefirerecruiting.com)  but for now the best place to learn how ro become he hunted instead of the hunter when it comes to recruiting is at http://www.prosperousresults.com .  Just for going there you will get a 7 vidoe course on becoming irresistably attractive.

The first step will to be to come to see yourself as others do.  We’ll tackle that next.





Take a vacation and make some Money!

Its been a few days since I posted.  My family and I took the weekend to go to my brothers house and hang out at a lake in Wisconsin.  Got to do some tubing and kneeboarding but mostly just hang out and relaxed. No cell phone, no internet connection, no business all weekend.

Now you may ask, what does that have to do with running a home business.  I have to say, everything. If you can’t take of and do what you want when you want without worrying about your business, you are not a business owner. You are just a slave to a machine. You might as well get rid of the business and get a job. That way you get the same money without the hassles of ownership.

The secret to a home business is getting a system in place that runs in the background. Ideally it will do all the work of finding and sorting through prospects for you. Eventually you can get to the point that the only time you talk to a prospect is when they call you. If things are going right you will have enough people calling you that you would never have time to call people to try to recruit.

Think about that. You never call someone first? Is that how your business works? That can be your reality.

Stayed tuned. i will talk more about that later.

Till then. I have to get back to enjoying life .

Eric Webster

Is Money the Only Objective?

So in the last post I said that you couldn’t focus on the money.  And you say, if it’s not about the money then why bother?

It is true that a business exists to make money for its owner.   And I agree that if you don’t make money then there is no point in committing your time and resources towards it unless it is just an expensive hobby you want to keep feeding.  Since that is not a wise move, we need to figure out how to get profitable in the shortest time possible.

You could just barrel ahead and play hard ball in getting new customers if you are selling hard products ordo the hard sell and bring in new consultatns for your MLM or ntwork marketing business.  The problem is if you have to “sell” someone on something you don’t have a long term commtiment form them.  They may buy a coupde of items or come in at the base level of your opportunity, but they won’t be with you long.  You never established a relationship with them.  Well you did, but how much do you like being on the customer side of the salesman/customer game?  Can you say, Used car anyone?

Your objective is to become the type of person that other people seek out.  You don’t have to go looking for the customer, they will come to you.  In fact once you have you infrastructure in  place, you will have people buying your product or joining  your business without ever talking ot anyone.

The best way t get to this point is to spend you time inproving your value to society more than just worrying about get more advertising out.  That means studying what successful people do and doing it.  It has been said that the fastest way to get what you want is to help those in you circle of influenc get what they want.  Yep, focus on the money and you will get uptight because you will never have enough.  Focus on solving others problems and you will have a flood of people beating a path to your door (which in turn fills your bank account).

One of the best places I know of to learn these skills is at http://www.prosperousresults.com. Once there register for a free 7 day video training on lead genneration.  You can become the hunted instead of the hunter.

Just a few quick thoughts


Why have a home based business

Hi there

Welcome back to my blog. Since we will be discussing home based business  here we need to discuss the purpose you would want to to have a home based business.  I will outline some of the reasons in this post , but I will go into details in subsequent posts.

The number 1 reason most people think about starting a home business is to make more money.  While that is definaitely a valid reason, I have found that it can not be the focus.  What,  Money can’t be the focus of my business?  While that may serve you for awhile, it is not a long term strategy.  This also deserves a much longer post so all i will say now is think about how you can help other people get what they want and your success wil follow.

The other main reasons are:

Tax planning- Learn how to deduct the cost for many of your common expenses.

Regain time freedom- Who doesn’t feel like time is pressing in on them these days?

Live life on your terms-  No more alarm clocks   or answering to any boss besides you (or maybe your spouse).  Travel when you want to.

You can choose something that makes a difference in the world.

You can create your own retirement benefits that are usually more lucrative than any corporate plan. (unless your the CEO with a great golden parachute)

This list is just a start.  I will cover these and other topics in more detail as we go along.

Till then.  This is your Friend on the Inside

Eric Webster


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. On this page I am going to attempt to impart the wisdom I have gained over the past couple of years in building my Home Business. I will be frank with what as worked for me and where I have fallen down. I will discuss the various types of businesses you r can be involved with and their pros and cons. I will bring you the best resources I have found in business development, personal development, financial resources and even natural health. I have found you have to be of top of your game in all of those areas to be successful.

So if you are involved in or thinking about getting involved in MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing or any other sort of Home Based Business. Come back often as my goal is to post new content on here at least 4 times a week. If I strike a chord or even a nerve in you feel free to contact me. I am always up for helping a struggling entrepreneur get back on track.

Eric Webster – Your Friend on the Inside